2016 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


Our compensation programs are designed to recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments and the value that they bring to the Group. The Group is committed to providing competitive remuneration programs that are designed to help attract, retain and motivate the key talent that we need in order to succeed in all aspects of our business.

The remuneration policy for our staff is determined by the Business Collective Labour Agreement. The remuneration and benefits for Executive Level employees are determined by a Remuneration System, which is directly linked to the assessment of their positions, their individual performance and the achievement of goals.

At the same time, we apply a benefits policy that essentially supports our employees and their families through which we offer them help, security and peace of mind. While these benefits vary by company and by country, all employees are provided with medical insurance, full or partial disability insurance, pension plans, as well as benefits for employees’ children, such as nursery expenses, educational aid for outstanding students, etc.

The EC1 indicator (http://sustainabilityreport2016.helpe.gr/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/) presents total employee benefits and policies which exceeded €28 million in 2016. The loyalty indicator in 2016 stood at 94.21% (http://sustainabilityreport2016.helpe.gr/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/, δείκτης G4-LA1).

Additional Life and Health Insurance Schemes and pension schemes cover 99.8% and 91.95% of employees (averages).

All employees participate in an annual performance review, which evaluates their performance and provides a plan for them to further improve their knowledge and develop their skills.
In 2016, all employees (Group average 98.36%) were assessed according to the single evaluation system. The G4-LA11 index (http://sustainabilityreport2016.helpe.gr/operational-efficiency-performance/GRI-G4-point/) provides detailed information per company.


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