2016 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


HELLENIC PETROLEUM aims to reduce its consumption of energy, water and raw materials; and invests in the recycling of resources and other raw materials.

Water consumption in 2016 remained at the same levels as the previous year. While the recycling and reuse of water rate decreased compared to 2015, it remained at high levels (19%), as presented below.



Figure below presents the amount of recovered raw material for each of the three refineries.

Refinery Recovered Rate Quantity (tons)
Aspropyrgos 0.00% 0
Elefsina 1.15% 68,894
Thessaloniki 1.32% 54,006



Since 2005, HELLENIC PETROLEUM’s employees have been recycling paper, plastic, small batteries, accumulators, fluorescent lamps, electronic equipment and aluminium at all facilities and offices.


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