2016 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


The following explanations are given for the convenience of the reader, who is not familiar with technical names and acronyms referred in this Report.


AIF All Injury Frequency (calculated from the sum of fatalities, LWIs, Restricted Workdays Injuries and Medical Treatment Cases, divided by the number of hours worked, expressed in millions).
ΑΡΙ Αmerican Petroleum Institute.
ΒΑΤ Best Available Techniques
BEA Aspropyrgos Industrial Installations.
ΒΕΕ Elefsina Industrial Installations.
ΒΕΘ Thessaloniki Industrial Installations.
CCPS Center for Chemical Process Safety
CLP The European Regulation (R1272/2008) for the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures.
COMO Company Owned/Company Operated/Managed fuel station.
CONCAWE Conservation of Clean Air and Water in Europe, the oil companies’ European Organisation for the environment, health and safety.

Communication on Progress, an annual report proving the company’s commitment towards UNGC principles
(see at www.unglobalcompact.org/Communicatingprogress/).

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility.
DODO Dealer Owned/Dealer Operated fuel station.
EKO EKO SA (Group’s subsidiary).
HF HELLENIC FUELS SA (ex BP)-Group's subsidiary.
ΕLOT The Greek Standardization Organization.
ΕSΥPP Internal Safety & Prevention Services. An operational unit, within an organisation, operating under PD95/1999, aiming at monitoring the occupational health and safety and implementing measures to minimize accidents.
EMAS The EU Eco Management and Audit Scheme  is a management tool for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance.
FUELS EUROPE The European Petroleum Industry Association.
EU - ETS European Union’s GHG Emission Trading Scheme.

The BoD defines as executive members the members which are responsible with everyday business management; whereas non-executive are the members which are responsible for the promotion of corporate issues. The number of non-executive BoD members should be, at least, one third of the total number of BoD members.


Outsourced Occupational Health, Safety & Prevention Services. Where appropriate, an organisation, instead of having ESYPP, may outsource the monitoring of the occupational H & S activities to a properly qualified external partner. This partner is responsible for the implementation of the relevant labour legislation and reports to the management of the facility.

EYAE Employee Committee for Occupational Health & Safety.
GCΑD Group’s Corporate Affairs Division (includes Group’s CSR Division and Group’s Communications Division).
GHSESDD Group’s Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainable Development Division.
GHG Green House Gases.
GRI Global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. While this Report endeavours to address many of the GRI’s key performance indicators, it is a summary of progress against priorities we ourselves set.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, unless it is otherwise stated.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Refers to the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, unless it is otherwise stated.
HFE Hellenic Federation of Enterprises.
HMA Hellenic Management Association.
HR Human Rights or Human Resources.
ISGOTT Internal Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals.
ISM Institute of Supply Management.
LDAR Leak Detection and Repair System.
MARPOL Marine Pollution.
MTC Medical Treatment Cases.
OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Accreditation System.
PSE Process Safety Event.
PSER Process Safety Event Rate.
REACH the European regulation for ‘’Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals’’.
RES Renewable Energy Sources.
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