2016 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


• €1.4 billion social product distribution

• €194 million paid to staff (salaries and social benefits)

• €56 million paid directly to the Greek State through direct taxes and insurance contributions

• €1.1 billion in indirect taxes collected and delivered to the Greek State

• €3.2 million distributed through CSR initiatives

• €465 million distributed to local and international suppliers

• €1.3 million paid to local community projects

• 209 local employment opportunities were created during 2016 while 201 positions were filled in Greece and overseas


The Group's aim is to generate value from all of its business activities and for all stakeholders. This added value - the social product - is addressed to all social partners and contributes to the wider economic development of the country. Meanwhile, respect for the environment and mankind contributes to preserving the company's reputation and provides a “social operating license”.

The identification of material aspects determined by our ongoing dialogue with our social partners ensures society’s substantial briefing and participation, and contributes to further economic development.

The Group’s Awards – Distinctions

Over the years, the Group has been awarded a large number of awards for the recognition of its comprehensive approach to corporate responsibility. The table below presents a selection of the awards and distinctions that we received in 2016:

Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards for Helpe Village

Marketing Excellence Awards – Excellence Award to ΕΚΟ for “DIESEL Avio”

The HELPE Group was awarded by the Ilion Metropolitan for “Initiatives supporting children and Roma families”.

HELPE was awarded at the 6th Annual Capital Link Conference – CSR in Greece: “Facing the Challenges”  

Environmental Awards 2016: Gold Award for the Sustainable Energy Intensive Industry and Sustainable Business categories

"CHRIMA" Business Prizes - 1st Prize in the "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 2016" category

Active Business Award

European Business Awards for the Environment – Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE) – 2nd prize

Award for EKO Cyprus’ invaluable contribution to the “HOPE” Foundation

Corporate Superbrand Award awarded to EKO Serbia

EKO Serbia: Association of Marketing Communications (UEPS) Awards 2016 - Best Integrated Marketing Campaign & Best Radio Spot (bronze)

EKO Bulgaria: QUDAL award for highest quality petrol station and highest quality in-house café-bar

Honorary Distinction awarded to HELLENIC PETROLEUM Cyprus for its contribution to the Development of Cyprus

Our Vision  
To be an innovative, extroverted and competitive regional Group that will pioneer in the energy transformation that is being shaped in the international environment in the context of Sustainable Development

Our Mission  
To be independent and extroverted, as well as one of the most competitive regional energy Groups combining the business capacity for high performance with the early and effective adaptation of the ongoing EU energy transformation, in the context of sustainable economic and social development, focusing on people and protecting the environment.

Our Principles:

  • Safety is always our First Priority
  • Offering Value to our Customers
  • Operating Responsibly towards Society and the Environment
  • Respecting our Colleagues and Partners, promoting Meritocracy, Teamwork, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Results Oriented Thinking
  • Investing in Sustainable Development
  • Continuously enhancing our Competitiveness
  • Applying high standards of Corporate Governance
  • Creating Value for our Shareholders and focusing on the Continuous Improvement of our Results and Cash Flows.

Our Attributes

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Sound judgment
  • Initiative
  • Extroversion


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