2016 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


The objective is to optimize customer satisfaction, through placing a further emphasis on the customer and creating value for all stakeholders.

In order to keep customers (service stations, drivers, etc.) both informed and satisfied, various, diversified actions are designed and implemented, such as regular meetings, consulting services and training. Additionally, COMO type service stations are rationalized while performance improvement objectives are set.


The Group’s marketing companies, aiming at product quality and customer satisfaction have:

•  Established and implemented, at all petrol stations operating under their brands, a Fuels Quality Control and Calibration of Measuring Equipment program in cooperation with the NTUA Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory.

•  Use special vehicles equipped with fuel analyzers, staffed by the NTUA Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory. These vehicles perform on-site fuel quality control and fuel-pump calibration tests, in order to ensure the quality and quantity of fuel delivered to the end user (consumer).


Customer Service

Regular inspections are conducted at the Group’s petrol stations to measure how effective the implementation of directives on safety, operation and service have been. There are also established avenues that facilitate the communication of customers’ views and established mechanisms to ensure proper feedback, such as:


Mystery Motorist Program: A thorough audit takes place in service stations whereby the level of service and the implementation of operation specifications are checked. Specifically, there are 59 check-points divided into six areas:

•Forecourt and equipment





•Sanitary facilities

In 2016, 4.811 visits to petrol stations were conducted through the program whereby each service station was audited by the “mystery motorist” 4-12 times a year. Results from the visits are posted on a monthly basis onto an online platform, which all petrol station owners can access so that they can track their facilities’ progress and be notified of any corrective measures that may need to be implemented.

Finally, as a result of this program, a number of petrol stations are awarded with a compensation that covers the purchase of uniforms. The best petrol stations won awards at the annual Retail Championship event (in 2016, 40 petrol stations and 40 inspectors from all the countries were the Group is operating were awarded).


Market research: In order to evaluate our customers’ satisfaction, the company also carried out qualitative and quantitative market research in 2016. Specifically, in 2016, a total of 21 market surveys covering the following three main categories were carried out: The importance of the EKO & BP brands, employee service at the petrol stations and the success of sales promotions.


More for you” at BP petrol stations: We are trying to meet even more needs, not just for vehicles but also for the drivers and passengers, by offering special services, such as:

  • Free on-site Wi-Fi
  • “Pet corners”
  • A refuelling lane dedicated to motorcycles, their riders and their needs.
  • A free 12 Point Check which includes a visual examination of key points of the car (such as tyre pressure, lubricants, lights) that all drivers have to perform before a trip, but also in their everyday lives, so they can continue their journey with confidence.


24 hour service: In order to better service and respond to our customers' needs, a 24-hour service line is available: 211- 1818031 for BP and 211-1818050 for EKO petrol stations. The calls are entrusted to specially trained ICAP employees, while requests are forwarded on to the marketing companies for resolution/response purposes.



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