2016 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


More than 100 CSR actions
• € 3.2 million invested in CSR actions (inside and outside Greece)
• 506 employees live in areas adjacent to our facilities
• 13% of our purchases made by our industrial companies' & 96% of marketing companies take place via “local suppliers”


Communication and cooperation with society at large and neighbouring local communities specifically are multidimensional and include activities such as financial support and sponsorship as well as more direct collaborations such as infrastructure developments and supporting small local businesses. These are backed by continuous dialogue and surveys, such as the materiality assessment, periodic customer satisfaction surveys, annual opinion surveys, public debates and other forms of communication.

The results of these practices are evaluated and redefined in order to take into account and meet our stakeholders’ needs and expectations, as they are reflected in the above surveys and evaluations.

Investing in CSR activities (Greece & abroad)



 Local communities

€ 983.962


€ 1.759.076


€ 490.947


€ 138.421


€ 57.251


€ 143.654


€ 61.721


€ 89.900


€ 3.233.985

The Group's contribution and responsible attitude towards the community, taking into account the continuing recession in Greece, in cooperation with more than 130 NGOs, was based on four main pillars: Vulnerable Social Groups, Education, Research & Innovation, Sustainable Cities and Natural Environment, Culture and Sports.

In 2016, we focused our attention on urgent issues and areas where there is a greater need and social demand, such as the refugee issue, and contributed to strengthening social solidarity, mutual assistance and volunteering, and underlined the need to develop cooperation initiatives.

The Group’s multi-dimensional program of actions in Greece and abroad also supports actions related to infrastructure projects and improving the quality of life as well as programs concerning the environment, culture and sports, and actively demonstrate the Group’s continuous contribution to Sustainable Development to society.





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