2016 Sustainable Development & Corporate Responsibility Report


In 2016, total investment in Corporate Responsibility actions abroad amounted to €490,947. From the large number of these actions, which the Group either participated in or supported, indicative examples, per country, are mentioned below, illustrating our far-reaching commitment.



  • Financial support and donations given to health and medical care organizations, such as the Autism Centre “In my World”, the “Wilson” Support Association for people with rare diseases, the SOS Children Villages (bicycles and bike helmets), the Idnina & Zlatan Special Schools (interactive boards, projectors, computers and peripherals), the Centar Community (reconstruction of the care facility for children suffering from brain paralysis)
  • Sponsorships for the organization of cultural and athletic events, as well as educational events (Ochrid Summer Festival, OFFFEST & Skopje Jazz Festival, MODOARS Music Festival, National Basketball Association, Youth Association YMCA – Bitola, “Energetika 2016” International Symposium)
  • Donation of fuel, waterproof clothing and personal hygiene items to people affected by the floods.


  • “Road Challenges” interactive game launched by EKO in collaboration with the Cyprus Police, an application where young people can learn the Traffic Education Code through playing a virtual reality game.
  • “Safe Rider” television spot in cooperation with the Cyprus Police, through which EKO seeks to sensitize drivers in regards to cyclists (sensible and safe driving, as well as adherence to traffic rules).
  • Donation of safety helmets to children who visit the Traffic Education Park and donation of safety vests to pedestrians
  • Sponsorship of the national road safety educational program “Faethon – Tassos Mitsopoulos”
  • Sponsorship of the Employers and Industrialists Federation’s “Save Energy” seminar
  • Support of the Hillclimb Race championship
  • Support of the Boyz Stuff Show.



  • Financial support provided to cultural and athletics events and conferences (1000 years Jubilee Cetinje tourist organization, “She is here” conference, Montenegro Financial Conference, Puppet Festival, Aikido Academy Tivat, Mini Volleyball Montenegro League, participation in Greek Embassy bazaars)
  • Fuel donation to: “Primorac” Water Polo Club, the Greek Embassy, Montenegrin women’s basketball team, as well as to communities affected by the floods (Andrijevica, Petnjica, Berane)
  • Donation of equipment or financial support provided to the following associations: “Fenix” Organization for children with cancer, Brezovik Hospital (for the accurate and on time diagnosis of tuberculosis)
  • Full coverage of hospitality, transportation and accommodation expenses for the “Mladost” Orphanage children in Bijela for their vacations in Halkidiki.



  • Sponsorships supporting athletic associations and events (Association Sport Club EKO Racing team, Auto-Tzar Rally Service, “Team of hope” – homeless soccer team)
  • Financial support for the Hellenic Business Council
  • Donations for the monthly support of children with autism (Tacitus), to the Vidrare Orphanage and the International Women’s Club
  • Construction of a day care facility playground in Yambol.



  • Financial support provided to foundations and organizations to aid their philanthropic and humanitarian work (Princess Katarina Fund, NGO Mali veliki ljudi, NGO Belhospice)
  • Sponsorships to support athletic associations (children’s basketball camps on Mt Kopaonik, Olympic and Paralympic Committee)
  • Sponsorships to support cultural events (International Music Festival “Guitar Art”, International Friendship Association).











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